While the K-pop industry is rife with original songs that attract fans from all over the world, it may be a surprise to some that many of Korea’s most prominent acts have a single or two under their belt that is actually an update of an older song. Whether it’s an homage to a hit from decades before from overseas or Korea, or a new take on something more obscure, K-pop stars have delivered many a remake over the years.

Take a listen to some of the most popular remakes and the original songs they updated below:

Baby V.O.X’s “Play Remix” (2004) – Originally by Jennifer Lopez as (2001)

BIGBANG’s “Sunset Glow” (2008) – Originally by Lee Moon Sae (1988)

BoA’s “Spark” (2004) – Originally by Luis Fonsi as “Keep My Cool” (2002)

BTOB’s “Second Confession” (2013) – Originally by g.o.d as “One Candle” (2000)

BTS’s “Come Back Home” (2017) – Originally by Seo Taiji & Boys (1995)

The modern take on “Come Back Home” came out of a series of remakes released to celebrate Seo Taiji’s 25th anniversary in the K-pop industry.

f(x)’s “Hot Summer” (2011) – Originally by Monrose (2007)

Girls’ Generation’s “Girls’ Generation” (2007) – Originally by Lee Seung Chul (1989)

In 2012, the girl group also released “Dancing Queen,” a cover of Duffy’s 2008 song “Mercy.” It was originally meant to serve as a single in 2009, but was swapped with what came to be the group’s megahit, “Gee.”

IU’s “My Old Story” (2014) – Originally by Jo Duk-Bae (1984)

The soloist has released two albums filled with covers of Korean artists.

Red Velvet’s “Be Natural” (2014) – Originally by S.E.S (2000)

Super Junior’s “Twins (Knock Out)” (2005) – Originally by Triple 8 (2003)

The K-pop boy band also remade H.O.T’s “Happiness” in 2007.

T-Ara’s “Do You Know Me” (2012) – Originally by Sand Pebbles as “What Should I Do?” (1977)

That year, T-Ara also remade Nami’s 1984 song “Round and Round.”

VIXX’s “Love Equation” (2015) – Originally by R.ef as “Farewell Formula” (1995)

PHOTO: Han Myung-Gu/WireImage