Tuesday (Aug. 1) was a productive day for “dance-trumental” quartet AOUI. The Terno Recordings act hit drummer Franco Malaya’s home studio to officially begin recording their debut EP, following the release of their “For Now” teaser.

“We recorded seven drum tracks today,” drummer Franco Malaya recounts their progress over the past five and half hours. Malaya, who also plays for Giniling Festival is known for his precision and ability to track with less takes. Last year, when he worked on Giniling Festival’s A La Hoy, they only needed five days to deliver an entire album, taking Malaya about two hours to record every drum track on the album. And that was without any rehearsal time unlike with AOUI.

Formed in May 2016, AOUI took their time in finding their sound. They holed themselves in a Makati rehearsal studio, jamming to the sounds of French post-rock band Totorro until pieces to their first song “For Now” came together. Eventually, they found themselves at their first gig by September, performing to Terno Inferno regulars at Giniling Festival’s “LL” video launch.

It didn’t take long for local post-rock fans to catch wind of AOUI’s presence. Since their first gig, they’d taken on many stages, including 19East where they opened for Japanese math-rock heroes LITE and booked their first gig in Singapore with UDD, Maude, and Giniling Festival this coming Aug. 27.

After all this time, Malaya, guitarists Sho Hikino and Paolo Yazon, and bassist Glenn Calingasan are finally focusing on their upcoming EP, which they aim to deliver in the next few weeks, before flying to Singapore. They’re doing everything DIY, working their parts at home with the assistance of recording engineer Dani Pajarillo before handing it all to Hikino to mix and master. It’s an ambitious plan, but with their progress in just a day, it doesn’t seem impossible.

AOUI invited BillboardPH to sit in on day one of recording their debut EP. Here are some photos from the session:

Franco Malaya tracking drums for AOUI’s debut EP on August 1, 2017. Photo by Kara Bodegon
Paolo Yazon playing the guitar guide as Franco Malaya records drums. Photo by Kara Bodegon
AOUI Guitarist Sho Hikino. Photo by Kara Bodegon
Dani Pajarillo is the recording engineer on AOUI’s debut EP. Photo by Kara Bodegon
Bassist Glenn Calingasan playing the drums during their break. Photo by Kara Bodegon
AOUI hitting playback on today’s recording. Photo by Kara Bodegon

PHOTO: Kara Bodegon