Words by Cris O. Ramos Jr.

Soul big band Apartel and their independent record label Offshore Music recently
launched their critically-acclaimed debut album Inner Play on CD format.
Ely Buendia (singer/songwriter), Pat Sarabia (drummer), RJ Pineda
(pianist/keyboardist/singer), Coco Coo (guitarist), Redge Concepcion (guitarist) and
Deej Rodriguez (percussionist) recently held a roundtable mini-press conference at
Saguijo, Makati a couple of hours before the actual launch started last July 7, 2017.

Apartel at the CD launch of their album ‘Inner Play’ | Photo by Lee Caces

Inner Play was initially released on vinyl and on the usual online platforms, but their fans’ clamor for a CD version to be added to their collection was just too massive to ignore. “I think at the back of our minds, we were always planning naman talaga to release it on CD (format), but we wanted to make a statement to the community na we were serious about our music and we wanted put real value back our product, which was to release a high-end vinyl quality sound, but siyempre a lot of fans were clamoring for a CD release,” Buendia explained.

Apartel at the CD launch of their album ‘Inner Play’ | Photo by Lee Caces

Offshore Music pulled all stops to make the CD edition special, with very slick
packaging and the addition of new tracks such as “Overture”, an instrumental new cut that has become their staple ice breaker in the live shows and an eclectic collection of remixes by Tandems ’91, Tarsius, BP Valenzuela, Pasta Groove, Lustbass and Couchlab.

“I was listening to them on the way here and I am so impressed with how creative they were. Talagang they were deconstructed. I am very happy with these remixes,” Buendia bared.

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