Jorel Corpus is a very busy man. Since parting ways with local rock act Kjwan to pursue his career as a music producer in Los Angeles, he has worked on projects with BJ The Chicago Kid, Tyrese, a number of chart-topping Billboard singles, and the theme song for The Snowy Day that have now granted him Grammy and Daytime Emmy certifications.

“It’s really great, because it’s something you never think you would even touch,” Corpus, who is currently working on some documentary-style pieces in Boston and live sound for Mexican singer Victoria La Mala, tells BillboardPH. “The first time I walked in my mentor’s (Richard Furch) studio, the first thing that you see is a wall lined up with all these Grammy things, Billboard number ones, multi-platinum stuff. It’s inspiring because you get to see somebody who achieved all these things and it’s possible. It’s possible to work on this kind of caliber of art, of songs, of movies.”

Besides helping produce and mix hits for radio-charting acts, Corpus has returned to writing original material, and is ready to release his first single “All of It” on November 11th as part of an upcoming EP. “I loved, loved, loved working on it, because I really like writing. I really like making music, and it’s been a while since I wrote something for myself. All this time, I’ve just been mixing, producing people, live sound, making cool sounds with some instruments, but I haven’t really gotten some time to write for myself.”

Corpus is slated to fly to Taipei in November for a live sound event with Disney featuring Taiwan’s Evergreen Symphony Orchestra.

Watch the full interview below: