Any basement parking lot is stiflingly hot, and even more so when used as a makeshift studio for a music video shoot.  Thankfully, when the artist central to the shoot is in a perpetually cheerful disposition– in this case Gloc 9— the atmosphere is light despite the oven-like environs.

Maybe the song’s title “Ice Tubig” helped too.

A refurbished ’60s classic sports car is the central prop of the music video. Gloc 9 inspects the gorgeous convertible’s red finish and wire-spoke wheels. Equally cheerful singer/collaborator Mike Luis takes the passenger seat and before sitting behind the wheel, Gloc shouts in his familiar piercing voice, “Uy, nasaan ang seat belt? Huli tayo sa EDSA nyan! Dapat sumusunod tayo sa batas.

He is joking of course: the drive will be simulated via a green screen behind and by two people rocking the car back-and-forth.

Gloc 9 and Mike Luis goofing in between takes for the “Ice Tubig” music video shoot

“Ice Tubig” is Gloc 9’s first single from his upcoming album Rotonda with Universal Records. Gloc says the song– while sonically heavy thanks to Lester ‘Klumcee‘ Vano’s production– is the “lightest” thematically as it tackles a “love gone cold” (it is not autobiographical; Gloc and his manager/wife Thea have a solid marriage and family life).

He wanted to extend the song’s 80s hip-hop approach to the video. “E syempre, kung ganun ang tema, kailangan mo panindigan lahat ng detalye. Pag may maski maliit na bagay na mali, may makakapansin. Tiningnan din namin magiging budget… sige! Wag na lang…” he concludes with a chuckle.

MV director Christoper Santos (standing) with Mike Luis and Gloc 9

The video is directed by Christopher Santos who also worked on “Takipsilim” where Gloc collaborated with Regine Velasquez-Alcasid in 2014.

For Rotonda, Gloc is still searching for a female artist to collaborate with. “Ser, narinig nyo na ba yung si Keiko? Grabe ang galing nun! Kakaiba talaga e.” His wife Thea agrees and adds, “Si Reese Lansangan din, kakaiba.”

Sometime in the future, perhaps one of his kids may win that role. Gloc says one of his daughters is becoming an able guitarist and Ariana Grande-style singer and has been earning praise except–on the surface at least– from him. “Proud ako sa kanya… kung marinig niyo, ser, nakukuha nya yung mga ginagawa ni Ariana. Pero ayaw ko muna i-encourage; entering high school pa lang e. Baka makasira sa pag-aaral nya.” 

This of course is coming from a man who, reportedly, would turn down gigs if they occur before or during exam week; consequently, the hip-hop star has a degree in Nursing.

His kids are looking forward to the upcoming Ariana and Justin Bieber gigs and while he is supportive and taught his kids how to earn for the tickets, there are a few things that bothered him as a father. “Ser, nakita nyo na ba yung kumalat na picture ni Bieber? Nakalabas yung ‘ano’ nyanag-aalala ako baka tinitingnan ng anak ko yun,” he says, genuinely worried. “May caption pa nga e… ano ba yun? DesPatotoy?”

Gloc 9 is currently on a US Tour with Hale and Ney.