“All-around ako ngayon, bro!” Daddy’s Crib vocalist Allan “Daddy A” Silonga is barefoot and walking around Bulb Studios, setting up backdrops and other details for IV Of Spades‘ music video for “Where Have You Been, My Disco?” While more known for being a soulful r&b singer, he is also part of the management team of the band (alongside Kean Cipriano), and actual dad to Spades guitarist/ex-Eat Bulaga Music Hero Guitar Hero Blaster Silonga.

A mirror ball and silver threads adorn one side of the studio, a couch with an orange backdrop on the other. Silonga is chockfull of enthusiasm for the production although you can sense hints of exhaustion too. “Bro, kahapon nag-ukay ukay kami sa Anonas. From top to bottom for their clothes. Sinource out ko rin yang frame na yan.”

Keeper of The Frame: Allan “Daddy A” Silonga

The young band–vocalist/guitarist Unique Salonga, bassist Zild Benitez, drummer Badjao De Castro, and Blaster–initially gained a reputation for pop hooks and tight, precise musicianship… as well as being, fashion-wise, indebted heavily to UK phenoms The 1975. The quartet now don garish loud 70s disco threads, and no, they’re not being ironic. They love the fashion, and the disco reference does reveal a genuine respect for the era. (thankfully, they avoided platform shoes and stuck with creepers and DM’s)

IV Of Spades (l-r): Unique Salonga, Badjao De Castro, Blaster Silonga, and Zild Benitez

Recorded in Jonathan Ong’s Sonic State studios, Zild and Unique co-wrote the catchy dancey tune which is reminiscent of a synth-less early ’80s Duran Duran (who were disco-influenced themselves) compete with snappy funky guitar and octave jumping bass lines. The video concept came from the band; between takes, Benitez pointed out specific details with the production team Two Fold Media.

Unique and Zild check out shots with the Two Fold Media team; Two Fold co-founder Trina Razon is on the extreme right
Zild Benitez and Blaster Silonga with one of the set’s vintage props
Unique, Badjao, and Zild: disco disco, good good!

Youthful they may be, but they know what they want: IV of Spades was offered a long-term contract by the Eat Bulaga team (they were appearing somewhat regularly on the show) and the band amicably turned it down. Blaster also resigned from the EB Music Heroes band.

Daddy A admits, “Shempre [as a parent] dun ka sa Bulaga: siguradong may regular na bayad at exposure. Bilang magulang, hindi ka mag-aalala. Pero, iba ang gusto nitong mga bata. They know the direction they want to pursue. So… (chuckles)”

Daddy A finishes mounting the frame as his son Blaster approves

Check out the interview below as IV Of Spades explain what “Where Have You Been, My Disco?” is really all about, and why Daddy A himself will never wear disco clothes: