Self-identifying “kuneho rockers” Bennybunnyband  have released a music video for a tender piano-driven ballad called ‘PS Laarni.’

The heart-wrenching song–which complements another song called ‘Dear Laarni’– is a wonderful revelation and if you’re aware of the band’s spastic live performances and image, even surprising.

The band expounds, “The song is like the closing of the curtains for our first EP. To seal the envelope shut. The music video for ‘P.S. Laarni’ was deliberately contrasted to the song. Not everyday is one a jumping happy bunny; there are times when you have to cry. We get more appreciation of the happy things when we are aware of the sad things. Also as a band, we’re still young so we love to explore other musical possibilities that we are capable of.”

And according to band namesake and songwriter Benny Giron, it all came from a very real place in his heart.

Who is the Laarni that inspired the song (or songs, since there is a ‘Dear Laarni’)? Or is it an alias for someone else? 

Si Laarni po ay totoong tao. Sya po ex-gf ka po na katrabaho ko until now sa office. Actually lahat po ng lyrics sa both songs ay totoong nangyari.

For all of Bennybunnyband’s frenetic irreverence, this is a surprisingly moving ballad. Is it a deliberate act of contrast, image-wise? It seems to be a hidden strength.

Tama po kayo! Sa kadahilanan pong wala po talaga kaming permanenteng genre kaya po nag tatry po kami ng ibat iba. At nasakto pong wasak ako ng mga panahong yun sa kanya. Lumabas po sya ng natural and the rest is history! Ahahhaahaha… Ika nga po ni Tommy Lee: “You cannot be Raawwrrr all the time or you will be fake.”

So, how does the real Laarni feel about both songs?

Yung ‘Dear Laarni’ po e mukha namang kinilig sya. Mukha lang. Ahahahaha… yun pong  ‘P.S. Laarni’ e di ko pag alam kung napakinggan nya na. By the way, kasal na po si Laarni last March. Pag nagkakasalubong kami sa office e nagngingitian naman kami. Pero wala na pong usapan. Pwedeng pang-MMK (Maalaala Mo Kaya) no sir? Ahahahaha. At saka po pala yung napangasawa nya po ay kaopisina din po namin. Kanina po nakita ko silang magkasabay kumain. Hehehehe.

Ouch! We feel ya, Benny.

Check out the video below: