Today (April 29), Cynthia Alexander celebrates her 46th birthday.

While the singer-songwriter currently lives in Seattle, Washington, her career beginnings are rooted in Manila. She started out as a gong and bass player for Joey Ayala‘s band Bagong Lumad. 

Cynthia Alexander has since the start of her career, released three award-winning albums and a retrospective album: Humanfolk (2010), Walk Down the Road (2009), Comet’s Tail (2005), Rippingyarns (2000), Insomnia & Other Lullabyes (1997).

Cynthia Alexander’s music continues to leave a lasting presence in the Philippines. With her feature-length ballet score for Ballet Philippines‘ production ‘Wagas,’ and other local stage productions and films. The recently released I’m Drunk, I Love You features Cynthia Alexander’s “No Umbrella” as interpreted by Autotelics keyboardist and vocalist Kai Honasan.

Cynthia Alexander’s music continues to reach out to local audiences and shape the direction Filipino music today. Here are few of many Cynthia Alexander’s timeless classics:

Comfort In Your Strangeness


Owner Of The Sky

PHOTO: Roxanne Nebres