There have been many versions of the famous opening theme by Ramin Djawadi of the worldwide phenomenon, Game of Thrones. It is not big news that the series is continuously supported by a lot of Filipino fans, that is why when Kontra-GaPi‘s version came out, many Filipinos and other nationalities have been amazed by the group’s genius arrangement.

Kontemporaryong Gamelan Pilipino or more famously known as Kontra-GaPi, is University of the Philippines’ resident Ethnic Music and Dance Ensemble under the College of Arts and Letters. The ethnic ensemble performs with a wide array of diverse ethnic instruments, such as gongs, woodwinds, and graduated xylophones.

Listen to the Game of Thrones’ theme —obviously a product of western musical arrangement that plays along the natural western musical scale— now reimagined as a south-east Asian ethnic song telling the tale of ice and fire:


FEATURED IMAGE: GOT Opening Theme Cover | Kontra-GaPi via SKYcable on YouTube