The Out of Body Special are responsible for some of the grooviest, sexiest jams the metro has ever heard, and at long last, their one and only studio album Is Love is getting a proper home in the online world. Old friends of the band have been asking them to give their music a proper place. “We’re releasing a special online edition of the album with all of our recordings in it; a legit place to stream our music, finally,” the band reveals to BillboardPH. Is Love was released a decade ago, and in celebration of that, OBS will be making a big comeback at Route 196 on Jul. 14 for a special one night only show with Shadow Moses, Moonwlk, Jensen and the Flips, Conscious and the Goodness, and Brass Pas Pas Pas Pas.

“It’s a celebration of something significant we did a few years ago. We’re happy it still rings well,” says vocalist Los Magno, who currently lives in Hong Kong. Being just a short flight away from Manila, he makes the effort to visit often to be with family, but has no major plans to do live shows more frequently. “Although, it’s not impossible for us to do a show in Hong Kong, so some of my neighbors and colleagues can finally see us in action.” Excited for the reunion show, Magno admits, “The pressure is on for us to do something undeniably decent. We are looking forward to seeing familiar faces, and people who missed our last shows.”

The Out of Body Special played their last official show dubbed Salida in Nov. 2013 at Il Ponticello in Makati City. They’ve played a couple of off-menu gigs since, including a show at Crystal Beach in Zambales a few weeks after Salida and a surprise show at Route 196 in 2015. Over the past four years since Salida, OBS have kept themselves busy, all geared up for their careers and even took on the challenge of raising their own families.

Most of them, like drummer TedMark Cruz, synthsman/percussionist Diego Beltran, and keyboardist/percussionist Inky de Dios, carried on with music, gigging, and traveling with Sponge Cola, Conscious and the Goodness, Plane Divides the Sky, The Royal, Kjwan and Brigada, respectively. It’s been all about going through life and growing up for these guys as they continue to study and explore music. Guitarist Patrick Co says he feels they’ve grown a lot from the time Is Love was released until they stopped being active. “In that time, we wrote what I feel is some of our best material (‘Seal the Deal,’ ‘Halikan,’ and other unreleased tracks) and took on some interesting projects (Silent Film Festival, other film scoring).”

But just like them, the local music scene too has grown. “The variety and acceptance and penetration is off the charts,” Magno says. “When we started the group, the platform for our stuff was very limited. We were an urban-esque group on rock radio. We did rhythm and blues but hardly any covers. And we weren’t thug enough for the hip-hop of the time. We were misfits. Today you can make anything and play it anywhere, as long as it’s awesome. And a lot of it is.”

It’s all about waiting for the 14th of July now. As longtime fans resurface their old copies of OBS’ record to have on repeat for the big reunion, the rest of the local scene who missed out can finally learn what love truly is.