If you look up the translation of the word “balewala”, it returns “nothing”. One can also describe it as something that’s not worth much attention, can be easily dismissed, or should be ignored. That does not go the same for Brisom‘s latest single “Balewala”. The song itself is worthy of most of your attention, and it seems that the upcoming music video warrants the rest of it.

The electropop-rock act will be revealing the full music video on August 9 at 12 Monkeys Music Hall in El Pueblo, Ortigas, with performances by Sponge Cola, Kjwan, Silent Sanctuary, Kissling, and Lunar Lights.

Until then, watch the teasers and trailer below to see why “Balewala” is definitely not to be considered as balewala:


[UPDATE] Watch the full music video below:


FEATURED IMAGE: Balewala | Music Video (Teaser 2) (via Brisom on YouTube)