Fear is the last thing that Charice feels when asked about her thoughts on what fans and bashers alike might say about her newest record, the rock oriented Catharsis.

Charice? Rock? Wait a minute… didn’t she work with David Foster? She was on Glee, right? Didn’t she have a pop hit with Iyaz that made it to the Billboard Hot 100 called “Pyramid?”

The album’s new sound – very reminiscent of the ‘90s grunge era due to her deep admiration for the music of that band called Nirvana – is a complete departure from the usual ballads that people have seen her perform when she started in the industry as a girl barely starting her teenage years. She now takes on a completely different musical direction, allowing herself to think out of the box and pour her heart and soul into music she can call her own.

Charice candidly answering questions at the Q&A during the "Catharsis" listening party.
Charice candidly answering questions at the Q&A during the “Catharsis” listening party.

Aside from her first venture into rock, the new record is also her initial foray into songwriting. She recalls of the time when she was already being encouraged to try writing her own material, but wouldn’t because of insecurities. “A lot of people would think kasi na I’m not the smartest person in the world, but alam ko ‘yung gusto ko (I know what I want); it’s just at the time, I was so scared to show it,” shares the 24-year-old. She credits the David Bowie hit “The Man Who Sold the World” as the song that gave her the much-needed jumpstart, not just to writing her own music, but also to take a deeper look at what music there is for the listening. “I looked up Kurt’s (Cobain) journals just to see what his playlists are, and then, from there, I started listening to other bands as well,” she adds. She pushes the envelope on this offering, going as far as writing a track for her bashers that’s highly evocative of Bjork; she only realized this after the song has been written. She shares, “I only started listening to Bjork after writing it; d’un ko lang na-realize na katunog niya (it was only then that I realized that). It was purely coincidental, promise.”

Though she would want her fans, the Chasters, to like her new offering, she recognizes that not everyone who gets to listen to it would like it. Being no stranger to rejection, Charice made it clear that she’s perfectly fine with it. “If they won’t like it, it’s not my problem anymore…I want them to like the album, but if some of them won’t like it, it’s fine,” she says.

Catharsis, the 11-track record under Star Music, is available on CD and digital formats.


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