You wouldn’t think most dance songs can stand on lyrics alone. Most house songs are slightly empty messages of love; a cheesy, poetic refrain meant to be repeated until the listener falls into a trance-like dance state.

In that sense, Cheat Codes’ recent collaboration with Demi Lovato is a stand out. It’s actually better when you strip away all the flashy synths and pounding beat. All it needs is a bit of piano and those sweet vocal harmonies to hit you right in the feel zone.

“We were stoked to make the stripped-down version of the song, because it really allows whoever is listening to focus on the message,” Cheat Codes say in a joint emailed statement. “The melodies and lyrics are so powerful by themselves, so by stripping down the song and having it more based around a simple, yet beautiful, sounding instrument like the piano, we were able to encompass the emotion the song deserves.”

The stripped-down version is out now on Too Easy via 300 Entertainment. Listen to it below.

PHOTO: Andrew Lipovsky/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images