They say that home has a way of telling its occupants to get out there and explore the world. After all, the world is an oyster, waiting only for anyone who’s interested enough to reach out for it. But then, what do you do after getting exhausted from immersing yourself with what the world has in store?

You go home.

Clara Benin comes home
Clara Benin opening the evening.

Clara Benin has come a long way from recording covers and posting them on Youtube, having promoted her debut album, Human Eyes, by going on a coffee shop tour in support of it, in addition to going through the motions of gigging. “I remember my fifteen year old self strumming my dad’s old nylon-stringed guitar in my bedroom and fantasizing I was playing in a coffee shop,” she muses on the landing page of her website. “Never in my wildest dreams did I see myself performing in arenas or international festivals…and have a few people hear my songs.”

Like any person who has ventured out into the world, however, she’s not exempted from getting burnt out, and like everyone else, needs to take a much-deserved break. She leaves the live music scene to go back to her roots, but makes sure to leave it with a bang. And that’s exactly the tone that Coming Home, her first and last concert, had set.

In front of an intimate crowd at the Teatrino on July 29, with a repeat performance the following evening (tickets were sold out, necessitating a 2nd show), she put into song the journey she has taken as an artist thus far, sharing her experiences with everyone in the audience. Everyone was treated to a wide selection of music (both covers and originals), spoken word numbers, as well as performances that featured friends, including Keiko Necesario, and Quest. And of course, the evening had a bit of a light-hearted moment, with her father, ex-Side A bassist Joey Benin, being called to the stage to play a few songs with her towards the end of the night.

Father and daughter playing beautiful music together
Playing beautiful music with ex-Side A bassist Joey Benin aka “tatay.”

There is no place on Earth that could quite compare to home. It is never far away; it’s found where one’s heart is. After all the hustle and bustle, one always comes back to it, knowing fully well that rest can be found in it, regardless of where ‘home’ may be.

And right now, Clara Benin is right where she wants to be: home.