Throughout the years, Conscious & The Goodness has very much evolved in many ways. Formerly known as Mike’s Apartment (yes, a name that was derived from a pornographic flick in the early 2000s), the band released a sexy little ditty called ‘Lambing.’ On March 23, 2017 at Route 196, the band’s fans were in for an extraordinary experience with the launch of a reworked and updated version of ‘Lambing’.

ASCH X Value Meal. Photo by Emmie Villegas

The night started with a performance of ASCH x Value Meal, pulling off a great set with their distinct musical style accompanied by a live visual artist.

Next up was The Espasouls giving their full soulful energy as they hyped the crowd and turned the venue into an open dance floor.

The Espasouls. Photo by Emmie Villegas

Following them was urban rap band Assembly Generals that took every letter of their words to heart to deliver a mind-blowing performance.

Assembly Generals. Photo by Emmie Villegas

The last band before the night’s main act was indie rock and soul act Banna Harbera, who of course did not disappoint the audience with their heartfelt melodies.

Banna Harbera. Photo by Emmie Villegas

It was finally Conscious & The Goodness’ turn to give the crowd a great show. Starting off with an old Mike’s Apartment song called “Bad Mouth”, the band paved the way to a more intimate celebration filled with old memories and soulful rhythms. They followed through with a soft-spoken yet spine-tingling song called  “Lights Out”, a notable crowd favorite. The band then played the Song Of The Night.

Mike Constantino of Conscious & The Goodness. Photo by Emmie Villegas

Frontman Mike Constantino deliberately shared how he wrote the song during the days of his former band Mike’s Apartment.  “I wrote ‘Lambing’ for/about an ex of mine during the tail end of our relationship – when it was already getting tenuous. We were fighting then making up a lot, I certainly wrote it from my perspective but sometimes, it probably could have worked if interpreted from hers since we did both have our shortcomings.” 

He also said that the original version was recorded in 2008 when the pain was fresh and the end of the relationship was realized hence having a different sounding vocal style. “The old version of ‘Lambing’ was definitely not malambing.” he added. Constantino said that the song however remained in his heart and was revived to the now version of Conscious & The Goodness with a different, yet familiar vibe to it. “We wanted this next release of ours to be fairly simpler than the previous three [and] I think we achieved that. And this version is – most definitely and undeniably – malambing,” Constantino concluded.

The night continued on with more familiar tracks by the band. Constantino introduced “Pero”, a song that won the Awit Awards for Best Jazz Recording and Best Musical Arrangement in 2016. It was followed by “Dalagang Pilipina” a strongly-written song about Filipino women being taken advantaged of by foreign abusers. 

Wowie Ansano soloing for “Dalagang Pilipina”. Photo by Emmie Villegas

To close the night, Conscious & The Goodness played covers of “Ascension” by Maxwell and “High & Dry” by Radiohead.

It is not everyday that songs are dramatically improved and reimagined; at least not how Conscious & The Goodness did it. It is amazing how years of self-growth and development can affect a song and give more life to it than it had yesterday. Truly, ‘Lambing’ is one of those brilliant songs that shined even brighter than its past life.

Conscious & The Goodness are Mike Constantino on vocals, Tedmark Cruz on drums, Yuna Reguerra on bass and Jesser Sison on keys. They are accompanied by horn players Wowie Ansano on trumpet, Pards Tupas on trombone and Nicole Tejedor on saxophone.

Here is a live performance video of “Lambing” by Conscious & The Goodness at Route 196 on Thursday March 23, 2017:

If you want to check out “Lambing” in its full sexy glory, check it out on Spotify: