Djustin is a musical duo featuring Swedish musician and The Legends founder Johan Angergård and Michigan-born Filipino-american artist Rose Suau. May 2016 marks their first EP release: Tryst EP. On May 5, 2017 the duo is releasing their debut album Voyager under Labrador Records (locally distributed by Ivory). Djustin has already digitally released two singles from the album: “Dancing” and “New Preset.”

Before becoming a duo in 2015, the two had long ago exchanged mutual support for one another’s individual bands: Club 8 and Shoestrings, respectively. Towards the end of 2015, Angergård had a vision and needed a lyricist to co-create with. Suau’s skill set and musicality compelled Johan to approach her.

Djustin | Courtesy of Ivory Music
Djustin | Courtesy of Ivory Music

“We had never met before we started making music together so I didn’t know what to expect. But as soon as we started writing together, magical things happened,” he says.

About working with Johan, Rose shares, “Unlike previous projects I’ve done, writing for DJUSTIN has been a wholly intuitive process for me. I feel that every song Johan sends me to write for carries an intent and energy of its very own, and my task is to translate that energy into a narrative everyone can connect with. I see our finished songs as sacred space between us. No matter the distance, we give pieces of ourselves, and the songs manifest themselves into something only the two of us can create together as DJUSTIN. It is deeply intense and life-affirming.”