“Welcome to Terno Inferno,” Giniling Festival vocalist Jeje Santos says with arms wide open. As people scream and chant at the parking lot of Saguijo, it seems as though something wild always happens outside whenever Up Dharma Down perform inside the venue—like that instance when the presence of a flying cockroach turned a bunch of full grown adults into helpless chickens a few weeks ago. Tonight countless bike gang members exit the premises of the full carpark. Burlesque queens demonstrate whipping techniques. A woman is getting her behind spanked by a leather paddle. And now, drummer Franco Malaya, who had just opened the evening with his new instrumental band AOUIE, has his shirt pulled off. Everyone around him repeatedly chant, “Happy birthday!” Even though it isn’t his birthday.

Manila Burlesque performer Joyen Santos approaches Malaya with a red candle at hand. Every step she takes, the cheers grow louder. Malaya shuts his eyes with a wide grin, anticipating the pain, when Joyen finally tilts the candle and shakes hot wax over his bare chest. Screams erupt from everybody and someone exclaims, “Ang daming nangyayari!

“Ladies and gentlemen,” Jeje Santos cries out loud. “This is Terno Inferno!”


The world sizzles back to normal after Up Dharma Down end their set, giving the stage to Giniling Festival to premiere “LL” (short for “Landian Lang“) from their latest record A La Hoy against Saguijo’s wall. Guitarist Bombee Duerme, who just had hot wax dripped on his arm, warns the full house, “Don’t be shocked.” Those who witnessed the candle dripping and whipping outside, may have already been conditioned for what’s ahead—a mildly #nsfw video, parodying Kanye West‘s “Famous.”

Directed by Jerico Ikot Catalan and assisted by Maude‘s Luis Azcona, the video features Giniling Festival sleeping under white sheets with Joyen Santos and the ladies of Kink.ph. Just like in Kanye’s video for “Famous,” they’re all lying next to each other, either still or barely moving, until the song cuts in the middle to zoom into Jeje Santos’s phone ringing on his chest with a call from Jessy Mendiola.


Giniling Festival subsequently play their usual setlist, including “SKB?,” “Letter to Angelina Jolie,” “Siling Giniling,” and end with “Tsong.”

Straight out of the stage, Jeje Santos throws himself into a chair outside with his friends. Sweat drips from his temples and he sighs, “Everything that’s important happened off the stage.” His friends have to agree, because where else would you get a circus other than at Terno Inferno?

Giniling Festival will release “LL” online in a week.

UPDATE 09/23/2016: Giniling Festival have posted the video online. Watch it below: