On Friday (Oct. 13) Giniling Festival dropped the psychedelic video for their latest single “SKB,” from the band’s 2016 album A La Hoy.

“The song is an intervention on a person who keeps getting back [together] with a bad ex,” vocalist Jeje Santos tells BillboardPH. “‘Sabog ka ba’ is Tagalog for ‘are you high,’ which is an expression for whenever someone makes an obviously bad decision. The video focused on psychedelic visuals to resemble being high.” Santos adds, “We have no idea what that is like though.”

The video was created with a process called rotoscoping, where animators traced Giniling Festival’s performance frame by frame to achieve realistic motion. Santos says that coming up with their first animated video was “very exciting and scary” at the same time. “You don’t know if you are imagining the same things with the animator. Some of the stuff were executed spot on as directed, while some are slightly different but better.”

Check out Giniling Festival’s trippy “SKB” video below: