Indie rockers We Are Imaginary have just released the music video for “Ask Me To Stay.” It is the fifth single from their Wide Eyed Records-released LP Death To Romanticism.

Vocalist/guitarist Ahmad Tanji wrote the song and directed the video which stars a cat named Vishnu who does what cats do best: being cute. That is if you’re a feline fan; otherwise, you see a snobbish furry thing with an unnerving FO glare.

We Are Imaginary’s Ahmad Tanji explores his falsetto and fondness for felines in the tune. photo by Francis Reyes

According to their press release, “We see the video of a grumpy, stoic feline doing what her kind always does. A short montage of cool to divert us from what the song is really all about: a tiring battle of pride within a relationship. The cat wins. Always.”

The video is far from Felliniesque but absolutely feline-y.

And if you’ve ever owned a cat, you know that wooing it can prepare you for a difficult human relationship. Meeeeeeeeeeowwwrrr…!