Local rock band Jensen and the Flips have responded to allegations of sexual misconduct that were made public on Wednesday evening (Nov. 22).

In a statement, shared through the “BDYTLK” act’s social accounts, Jensen and the Flips expressed their “sincerest apologies to those who are directly involved,” whose experiences were revealed in a Twitter thread by Adrienne Onday on Tuesday night (Nov. 21).

“An apology will never be enough to make up for all of the things that have been done in the past. We know the things we did wrong; rest assured we have, and will continue to work on being better individuals moving forward to ensure that such situations will not happen again,” the band said.

“Trust was lost with productions, even organizers, partners, and supporters. We know that this is hard to rebuild, and respect their decisions regarding established commitments with Jensen and the Flips.”

Jensen and the Flips were removed from The Rest is Noise year-end line-up, standing up against “any vile or reprehensible behavior that exploits and abuses women.”

Read Jensen and the Flips’ full statement below: