Charli XCX’s music video for “Boys” recently made headlines because of the absurd amount of attractive (and famous) men featured in it — 74 in total. Joe Jonas was one of those boys.

“Charli reached out to me and came up with this idea,” Jonas told Entertainment Tonight in a recent interview. “I was like, ‘Yes! The roles should be reversed. It’s about time. Let’s just make this like, over the top!'”

For his role-reversal scenes, Jonas is seen seductively devouring piles of pancakes, perhaps one of his easiest acting jobs yet. “It was just me and a camera crew and a stack of pancakes,” he recalled. “That was definitely my dinner for the day. It’s kind of weird when there’s a bunch of people just watching and silently judging you eating a stack of pancakes.”

Other boys participating in the music video included Wiz Khalifa, G-Eazy, Diplo and Mark Ronson among others, and all of the scenes depict boys in a way that has typically been reserved for girls. As for Jonas, he thought it was a “cool concept” and the “music video has a longer leg” than he expected.

Watch Joe Jonas eat pancakes in Charli XCX’x video below: