On Sunday (Jun. 11), UDD frontwoman Armi Millare expressed her love to her heroes D’Sound on Instagram. “You can tell their brand of respect for their listeners by the sheen of it all, and then there’s the musicianship thats just mindblowing for the lack of a better word,” Millare posted of the Norwegian act’s latest single “Only One.”

The chances of your favorite artists replying and liking your posts on social media these days have spiked, but for the self-proclaimed fangirl since 1999, Millare never would’ve thought D’Sound drummer Kim Ofstad would offer to produce a song for her. He commented on her post, “Thx for those amazin words @armimillare. Got the deepest respect for what u have achieved. let us produce a song for u.”

Bassist Jonny Sjo then commented, “Thanx for staying with us and for those inspiring words. Would be great to work with you.” Millare confessed to listening to D’Sound’s CDs “on rotation every night hoping to one day be in a band with the right mates.” To top it all off after fans and friends replied to the post with excitement for the possible collaboration between the acts, frontwoman Simone Larsen wrote, “Wow, Armi, humbled and thankful for your words. Much respect right back at u and your crew.”

Check out the post below:

UDD recently wrapped up their first Canada tour in Toronto and are working on their fourth studio album. They’ll be heading out to Singapore with Giniling Festival, Maude, and AOUI in August.