Kai Honasan and Eco Del Rio are getting married, and they want you to join them on The Road to Del Rio Grande.

As a thank you to all the birthday wishes Honasan received on Saturday (Oct. 7), the Autotelic keyboardist shared a teaser for an upcoming online series, which features her and Del Rio on their “life and times and the journey to Del Rio Grande.”

Together they traveled to places near and far before Del Rio popped the question during an Autotelic show in front of hundreds of fans. “So now we’re figuring it all out,” Honasan narrates in the teaser. “From how to fix a home, to how to fix ourselves. So join us as we try to plan our album while trying to plan the rest of our lives until it leads up to the big day. Then we’ll figure it out all over again.”

Check out the teaser video below: