Musicians often explore their musicality further to better embrace their musical persona and to often learn more about the extent of their creativity. This thought process and creative development has brought The Ransom Collective singer, frontman, and songwriter Kian Ransom to start his electronic project called Sleep Talker.

Fans of The Ransom Collective’s bouncy neo-country pop are in for a pleasant musical surprise as Kian himself explains.

Sleep Talker Profile

Your sound as Sleep Talker showcases a different side of your musicality. Can you name bands/artists that have influenced the sound that you’re going for?

I think one of most influential aspects of Sleep Talker is not other bands or artists, but musical styles as a whole. For example, one of the major differences between Sleep Talker and The Ransom Collective is simply the keys, chords, and tempos I’ve experimented with. TRC is dominated by happy major keys and chords with more upbeat tempos, while with Sleep Talker, I played around with really slow tempos, lots of jazzy keys, and richer add9 or poly chords. I found experimentation to be the driving force behind the sound.  As far as the specific sounds or feels I’m attracted to, some artist influxes would be Washed Out, Bon Iver, Toro Y Moi, Fyfe, M83, The Freelance Whales, Pool Club, and John Legend. 

Do you have plans of performing your solo work live? If so, how would your music as Sleep Talker be carried out in a live setting?

If the day comes, I would love to! It’s gonna take a lot of thought, but I hope to be able to pull it off both solo and with a live band. I’d go solo if necessary, but I personally love the sound and feel of a full band over a solo electronic performance. It’s usually a lot more fun to watch as well. Im working on a few more songs, and once I have enough for a basic set, Id start explore live options. 

Nowadays, the “laptop music” scene is becoming more and more accessible. How would you differentiate yourself from other electronic music artists?

We’ll I’ve never specifically planned on finding a way to differentiate myself. I’m just doing what sounds and feels right to me. I hope it stands out enough on its own that people enjoy it and find it unique in some way, but I’m not making any active effort to create something competitive. Since I started this, I’ve tried to remind myself that at the end of the day, this music is for me. It’s not for approval or validation from others, it’s not my attempt to stand out in a new market; it’s really just a chance for me to explore a different creative outlet and express myself In a new way. 

On April 26, 2017, Sleep Talker released his first single ‘Carry On’:

‘Carry On’ is also available on Spotify: