Back in the late 90’s, the British musical invasion was far from over and youths would sing an anthem that continues to echo in hearts and minds. Explosive as a nuclear bomb, Wonderwall, a mega-hit song popularized by the British rock band Oasis left a mark as it defined a generation of rock and roll in the 90’s. The song also peaked at number 8 in the Billboard charts on March 9, 1996.

The very voice we hear in that song is no other than Liam Gallagher‘s.

Liam, together with his brother Noel, formed the band Oasis and took on the world through their music. Their debut album Definitely Maybe became the fastest selling British debut album at that time. Its successor What’s The Story, Morning Glory? reached much greater success and became the third best-selling album in British music history. Without a doubt, Liam Gallagher’s voice has become a presence that was praised by many fans and defined the sound of a generation of British pop rock music.

Post-Oasis, he formed a band called Beady Eye and lead it to a successful touring career until they disbanded in 2014. Carrying out his vocal style and unique stage presence, Beady Eye received positive critical acclaim and garnered well-deserved praise.

Liam Gallagher’s vocalization style is so distinct that you can immediately tell that it is him. Aside from his voice, his unique singing position with his arms behind his back and his microphone placed higher up his mouth became part of his iconic persona.

It has been quite some time since we have heard of any of his new releases. That is why this year, fans were thrilled to learn that he is set to release an upcoming album under his name called As You Were on October 2017.

Liam Gallagher’s album art for As You Were. The art print is by artist Klaus Voormann, the same artist who created the art for the Beatles’ Revolver

He recently broke his silence with Wall of Glass, the first single from the album and it is quite juicy, funky and gritty with rock and roll all over the place. The kick-off single peaked at number 30 on the Billboard charts on June 17, 2017. The song features a classic mix of heavy rock and colorful guitar riffs leading to the chorus with soulful vocals.

Following its release was the second single called Chinatown, a ballad that subtly features Gallagher’s take on country music and poetic songwriting. It is the ninth track of the album and it definitely gleams with contrast against the previously released track which only proves that the upcoming album offers a lot of versatility in musical dynamics. The music video features Gallagher exploring the artful underpass of London’s Chinatown. As the scenes change, he gazes at the Palace of Westminster possibly signifying a certain sense of order.

The video also features a glimpse of Gallagher staring at a wall with the words “We Stand United With Manchester” as a tribute to the recent unfortunate events that hit Manchester earlier this year.

Gallagher made a surprise appearance at the One Love Manchester benefit concert and played an Oasis classic, Live Forever with Coldplay‘s Chris Martin. The performance was like Christmas morning to loyal fans as he also previewed his first single Wall of Glass and another Oasis song called Rock N’ Roll Star.

It looks like a bright future for Gallagher as we anticipate his latest LP. August seems a lot prettier for Gallagher’s Filipino fans as he will be performing at the SM MOA Arena this August 14, 2017.

Since Liam Gallagher and Oasis’ groundbreaking musical debut, the landscape of British pop music has never been the same. Gallagher’s voice; a living legend and a classical mark on its own, continues to strive for greatness. We can only wait to experience and hear Gallagher’s genius recreation of his sound in the coming years. Truly inescapable, Gallagher’s sonic identity has defined a generation of British rock and roll.

Featured image credits to Getty. Artwork by Emmie Villegas