Recording sessions for Lions and Acrobats’ sophomore album have begun. The upcoming full-length follows their 2013 debut LP Points & Perspectives.

The 6-piece independent band posted a photo on Twitter, reporting that drummer Pedro Tumibay has finished recording five tracks for the album. Vocalist Icoy Rapadas tells BillboardPH, “As of now, we have eleven (songs) that will for sure make it, but we have one or two more that we’re still thinking about whether or not we’ll include in the album.”

They are working with Nick Lazaro at La Balls Studio in Makati.

As for the title of the record, Rapadas confesses that they’re still working on the concept. “The songs are there. The ideas are there. It’s just a matter of looking for the perfect label that would tie it all together. We basically have all the ingredients; we’re just figuring out what we’re cooking.”

On the titles of the songs, he adds, “Lahat ng song titles one word lang. Singular. And they’re objects. Lahat sila Emoji. Magbabago pa yung lyrics and titles.” Rapadas reveals that the band have completed songwriting on their end and are waiting for his lyrics. “I’m pretty fickle,” Rapadas admits. “I want it to be perfect. I want every word to have purpose. I hate it when some songwriters just write lyrics for the sake of filling up the bar and it fits the melody/rhyme.”

“Personally, Frank Ocean and Turnover have been very influential to my songwriting style,” Rapadas says. “They write like they’re writing scenes, like a screenplay. Rather than writing down words that would describe emotions. They paint a picture and let the listener feel like they’re in it and experience what’s happening. That’s what I’ve been trying to accomplish.”

Lions and Acrobats’ sophomore record sees a 2017 release.

PHOTO BY: Infinity Blues Photography