If you haven’t seen the preview of Anne Curtis and Erwan Heussaff‘s New Zealand wedding, you’re missing out. Besides the scenic view, the countless stars in the congregation, and Curtis and Heussaff whispering their I Do’s, the music in the Jason Magbanua-directed video is simply inspired.

“I was given the opportunity to personally write a song for Anne Curtis and Erwan Heussaff’s wedding video,” indie singer-songwriter Rizza Cabrera wrote in a statement Tuesday (Nov. 21) about “One,” the track that appears in the Curtis-Heussaff wedding preview. Magbanua enlisted her to write the song for the video, which is now up on Cabrera’s Soundcloud page.

Of course it wasn’t just Cabrera holding the reins on the track. Together with producer Nick Lazaro, who helped record, produce, and arrange “One,” Cabrera also enlisted singer-cellist Coeli and Ben&Ben‘s Keifer Caugao and Jam Villanueva “for making the song sound fuller than it ever could’ve been.” Cabrera also revealed that her sister Raleene, her singing partner in their duo The Walkie Talkies, helped name the track.

“I want to thank God for presenting this opportunity at such a weird time in my life,” Cabrera continued. Prior to being approached to write the song, she had previously announced that she would be stepping aside from music. “In line with this shift, I was/am working on my last release for next year. The details aren’t set in stone, but I have been working on it and telling myself that “the release is for me, it’s just something I have to get over with before moving on.'”

Before “One” hits Spotify, you can check out the full track below: