The Manila music scene gets rejuvenated as Red Ninja Productions wrapped 2016 up with their annual year-ender festival held at B-side at The Collective on Dec. 10. Filled with excitement, fans stood through a musical ensemble from a diverse line-up local artists and musicians. From indie-folk bands such as TheSunManager, Ben&Ben, Fools & Foes, and Conscious & The Goodness, to heavier acts like Faspitch, Runway Crimes, Chicosci, Lions & Acrobats and The Riot Act, the festival covered most, if not-all types of sound that the local scene enjoys.

Despite the heavy traffic on a Saturday afternoon, fans gathered early and witnessed soul-pop band Banna Harbera, indie rock bands Rusty Machines and Loop as well as alternative folk acts Ben & Ben and Over October.


Greeting the sunset, neo-folk bands TheSunManager and Fools & Foes serenaded the crowd with their melancholic tunes. Up next were pop-rock veterans Gracenote delivering their seasoned sound through powerful vocal and guitar melodies.


The evening was still young when it got heavier as Runway Crimes and Chicosci pumped up the crowd with their riff-heavy anthems. Post-rock band Tom’s Story provided a break from the high octane performances as they imbued the stage with their fluid collection of instrumentals. Moments after, they were succeeded by the energetic The Riot Act, a rock & roll quartet.

Performances by Faspitch, Angulo and 88 City slowly paved the way to a much more indie-oriented part of the evening. Autotelic and Run Dorothy subtly segued the ears of the audience to a different segment of the program, sound-wise.


The crowd went crazy as indie-pop star Reese Lansangan lightened and softened the mood through her clever and bubbly hits, including “Grammar Nazi”. With their newly released crowdfunded album Cara y Cruz, Peryodiko performed their arsenal both from new and old material. As pop-punk band Save Me Hollywood followed, the venue was filled with a high energy performance once more.

As the night went on, it started to get jazzy as Sud set fire to the stage with their hits “Profanities” and “Make U Say”. Lions & Acrobats came next and further followed through with hyping the crowd.


Toning the vibe to a funkier groove, The Espasouls rendered a soulful performance and literally made everyone dance. Lastly, the crowd-favorite band Jensen & The Flips gave the crowd one of the most energetic night caps.

Despite the exasperation, the crowd, the organizers, and the bands had one heck of a good time. It only goes to show that the local music scene is very much alive, and continues to be alive.

Check out photos from the Red Ninja Year Ender Fest below: