When you’re a kid, life can be tough, but those who find a friend in music always have an escape. Take the kid in the video for Major Lazer‘s “Know No Better.” Almost nothing goes his way, from his morning routine to the bullies at school, but in his mind, he is the biggest baller of them all, and Major Lazer’s music gives him the confidence he needs to weed through the worst of it and come out victorious.

The adorable clip, which dropped Tuesday (July 11), features cameos from collaborators Camila Cabello and Travis Scott — though rapper Quavo is missing — as well as flash appearances of Lazer members Diplo and Walshy Fire. The award for cutest cameo goes to the plushie Major Lazer in the beginning, though.

Watch “Know No Better” below, and don’t let the haters get you down.