Ahead of releasing their sophomore album, Maude shared a live performance video for “Cloud Nine,” their post-Valentine’s Day single last night (May 17) as part of Hapijoey’s Rough Mix series.

BillboardPH caught up with frontman Luis Azcona to check in on their yet-to-be-titled second studio album, and he confesses the album isn’t ready. “I’m a big fan of Elon Musk,” he says. “And I feel like I copied even the way he misses his announced release dates. But it’s almost done. Really.”

To give context, Azcona talks about the four phases of their album’s post-production: “(1) Laying down files (organizing files from different computers took a while), (2) editing, (3) Mixing (longest phase), and (4) Nitpicking. We’re on part 4 right now. We’re making adjustments everyday and we can declare this album is finished anytime now—just waiting for that one beautiful day when me and my bandmates have nothing more negative to say about how the songs sound.” He adds that non-album elements of life like day jobs got in the way. “We really appreciate our label Terno Recordings for not putting any pressure on this process.”

All while working on their second studio album, Azcona began producing Rough Mix, a live performance video series shot and recorded at Hapijoey Studio. “It just felt like a natural thing to do since the band has its own studio, Glenn (Calingasan, bass) and Dane (Policarpio, drums) have great cameras, and we do not make music videos fast enough. We thought it’s a fun simple way to reach out to more listeners, while making up for the pitiful amount of music videos that we have. I think our music videos are great, but once a year? That’s not enough.” Azcona and his team at Hapijoey hope Rough Mix would help them create more video material. So far, they’ve released two videos, both being Maude performances. “I called it Rough Mix to emphasize the fact that not much time was spent on polishing the videos. I guess to showcase more talent and less edits. Besides, producing our next album is tedious enough.”

Maude will be returning to Singapore for a one-stop show at Timbre+ this August with labelmates UDD, Giniling Festival, and AOUI. Visit Requiem Rising’s page for tickets.

Watch the live “Cloud Nine” video below: