Even at a time when EDM and its generally upbeat themes has crept into the mainstream, there are still certain groups that choose to go for a much simpler sound – organic, if you will – with the belief that it’s this rawness that allows them to convey the most elementary of emotions. Perfect examples of such would be sadness and despair, two similar sensations from the same side of the spectrum, but one with more gravity than the other.

This is exactly what Miles Experience channels in their song, “Anggulo.”

The Miles Experience

The 5-piece outfit composed of guitarist Justin Teano, bassist Ian Diaz, keyboardist Guido Hizon, drummer Timothy Odulio, and frontman/guitarist/band leader Miles Bondoc unveiled the Jiggy Gregorio-directed music video ahead of its release in music channels as well as on online platforms at the 12 Monkeys Music Hall & Pub in front of a jam-packed crowd – a mixture of fans, friends, and fellow musicians.

Shot in black and white, Bondoc says that the music video is a complete departure from previous efforts, with acceptance and learning to love in spite of given situations as recurring motifs. Director Gregorio further creates an emphasis on the melancholy of the song, depicting sadness and despair – represented by rain – during shots taken of the band.

Providing much-valued support both for the group as well as the event were bands Slowdough, Banna Harbera, Sinosikat?, Jensen and the Flips, and December Avenue.

Check out the photos from the MV launch below:


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