From late August to the fresh days of September, singer/actor/host Sam Concepcion, “Does She Know” singer and Music Matters representative Kiana Valenciano, singer-songwriter/pianist Marion (Aunor), and former Pinoy Boyband Superstar contestant Markus, among others, came together for a project with a global vision. Not long after, Tarsier Records released its pilot tracks with the said artists on September 8. While it is not news for these already established musicians to debut new materials, there is a common denominator among these songs that set them apart from the roster’s usual releases: these were all written, produced, and are to be distributed and promoted mainly outside the Philippines.

Tarsier Records is a newly launched division under Star Music with the goal of taking Filipino music to a wider international audience. Starting strong with an eight-track EDM album, the genre lending a different touch to the participating artists’ respective established music styles, Tarsier still has more future plans for tapping and discovering other artists and genres to further showcase Filipino music on the world stage.

Learn more about Tarsier Records, its first set of tracks, and its future plans straight from International Music Content Officer of Star Music and DJ/producer Moophs (Chris Lopez):

Listen to Tarsier’s first batch of tracks here: