Electronic act Nights Of Rizal has released the music video for the song “Little Oceans.”

The single is from his upcoming doubleEP/10track album summer/salt is slated for release in the last quarter of 2017.

Nights OF Rizal photo by Tin Yumul
Singer/songwriter/beatmaker Migi De Belen AKA Nights OF Rizal. photo by Tin Yumul

Born Migi De Belen, the singer/songwriter/beatmaker started out playing funk guitar in the band Splitcide and makes a living being a copywriter for a multinational ad agency. He showed BillboardPH how he approaches music-making in an episode of ON Record.

While electronic music generally evokes the different moods and atmospheres of nocturnal moments, the video for “Little Ocean” seems more sentimental and personal: it is primarily made from scratchy daytime footage of de Belen’s family beach outing from 1987. There is  melancholy implied in the lyrics but the sampled steel drum motif, cheerful melody, and  bright groove move the theme into optimistic territory. Perhaps it’s about one last look at childhood and a farewell to innocence?

De Belen by the way is the toddler in the video.

“I don’t know
what I’m holding onto anymore
or what I’m holding on for,
maybe it’s nothing, after all
it’s just a little ocean.”