“The narrative for the video follows the song. In the video for ‘Alangan,’ I cheat on a guy and break up with him,” singer/songwriter/guitarist/beatboxer/looping master Zsaris explains casually outside Tomato Kick Morato. It is a hot summer Saturday evening, but the vibe is warm as Zsaris meets with family and friends who have arrived to support her music video launch.

So, is the song autobiographical then? “No, no, no!” she clarifies with a laugh. “But it did happen to a friend of mine, a girl. The guy cheated on her and then he was asking for forgiveness and another chance.” Later in the evening, Aia De Leon will spiel and address Zsaris’s family, “Mabait po ang anak nyo!


The ‘Alangan’ video directed by EJ David may visualise the heartbreak in the song and allude to an achy-breaky situation but thankfully nobody was broken on the launch night. Zsaris– Or ‘Z’ as her friends call her– invited some of her fellow troubadours for a night of acoustically-driven but diverse sets.


Bullet Dumas broke in his new guitar with typical high-energy and angular rhythms.

Mic Llave

Mic Llave brought his jazz-inflected pop and a mastery of a vocal effects processor.

Gio Levy

Gio Levy performed a set of folk-like indie pop…

Aia De Leon

… and Aia De Leon brought her four-piece band and delivered jazz-inflections to her music, particularly with a radically reworked version of ‘Taralets’ that she opened her set with.


Zsaris had some trouble getting her gear to work perfectly at the beginning of her set but she addressed the snafu with good humour. Once fixed, she played with ease, looping beats and harmonies. In a sense, she summarised the styles of everyone else who played: lyrical melodicism in spades and technological hurdles be damned.

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