It has been a decade since Florida-based pop punk band Mayday Parade‘s debut album was released. The groundbreaking A Lesson In Romantics was released in 2007 that sparked the career of the quintet and provided an emotional blanket to the kids who were experiencing heartbreaks and general life issues. The debut record got them signed to alternative rock label Fearless Records and also paved their way to perform at the 2007 Van’s Warped Tour.

A decade of celebration is of course, very much needed especially for a band that is labeled as one of the most hardworking groups in terms of musical output. Maybe this time, they’d finally be choosing champagne over martini (if y’know what we mean hehe). Anyway, we’re lucky to be celebrating their 10th year anniversary with them as they will be coming back to Manila for the third time this October 7, 2017 at the Kia Theater, Cubao. The event is presented by PULP Live World.

Feel old yet? At some point in time, you may have heard a song or two from them. Your high school crush may have worn ballers with their name on it and well, you yourself might have been one of their loyal fans. Mayday Parade undoubtedly wrote the most prolific emotional songs when we were growing up. We’ve lined up the ones that would definitely bring you back to heartbreak memory lane.

When I Get Home You’re So Dead

“Am I just another scene, From a movie that you’ve seen one-hundred times?”

Who wouldn’t forget this ultimate passive aggressive song? This track will either hurt you or help you cope up with a bad breakup with your cheating partner gone wild.


“I’ll be fine I swear, I’ve just gone beyond repair”

Whoever Derek Sander‘s East Coast lover was, she has immortalized the pain that he felt through this song. “Jersey” is just one of those tunes that reek of the pain of acceptance after a heartbreak that lingers beyond a particular place and time. Watch this live performance and feel the anguish of the song.

You Be the Anchor That Keeps My Feet on the Ground, I’ll Be the Wings That Keep Your Heart in the Clouds

“I could stand here for hours just to ask God the question ‘Is everyone here make-believe?’
With a tear in His voice He said, ‘Son, that’s the question.’ Does this deafening silence mean nothing to no one but me?”

Quite the strongest and most emotional vocal collaborations of frontman Derek Sanders and then co-vocalist Jason Lancaster. Lancaster’s departure was a big setback for the band as they lost one of the golden voices that left a strong impression on the record. Frankly if you listen to this song, it just mysteriously takes you back to yesterday. It’s the perfect song to be assigned as the last track as it surely leaves you in awe. It is an expression of despair when you lose someone permanently or when you love someone who lives far away.

Listen here:

Jamie All Over

“I had a dream last night we drove out to see Las Vegas”

Probably the most positive-sounding songs in the record, “Jamie All Over” kicks off the album with a classic rock riff followed through by strong vocals. The song was originally performed and written by band Kid Named Chicago, whose members eventually came to be half of Mayday Parade. “Jamie All Over” is the perfect non-heartbreaking anthem for a sunset road trip or a hyped up night out on the road with your friends.

Miserable At Best

“I can live without you but without you I’d be Miserable at Best…”

The song that built the name Mayday Parade also broke the hearts of a plenty pre-teen and teenage kids. “Miserable At Best,” the heartbreaking ballad starts out with Lancaster’s haunting voice accompanied by a solemn piano track. Sander’s voice is pure perfection as he answers Lancaster’s parts. Definitely a duet to be remembered. “Miserable At Best” is a break from all the heavy guitar riffs and high notes throughout the album. It simply cries out: “I’m in pain, and there’s nothing else that I feel”. The song without a doubt, became Mayday Parade’s most iconic anthem for the heartbroken and lost hearts experiencing a paroxysm of emotions.

Did you make it through the article without tearing up just a little bit? Congrats! We could only wait for the anticipated anniversary concert and who knows, maybe time could really mend wounds and Jason Lancaster might just show up to relive the album with the rest of the band.


Featured image from Fearless Records. Poster from Pulp Live World