As promised, Reese Lansangan dropped her Christmas present to us all–an emotional visual of “For the Fickle” on Wednesday (Dec. 20).

“I won’t let 2017 end without paying homage to the saddest song I have ever written,” Lansangan shared in a statement. “As with my more mellow songs, the concept of this video is a bit more free-flowing. I wanted to show people how I deal with sad moments in my life. Sometimes when things get difficult, I find comfort and solace in being alone.”

“I claim the time and the space that I need for myself – to think, to breathe, to be okay again. It’s in knowing that I have all the strength in me to recover and move forward. It’s in recognizing that I can take my time to get there,” she wrote.

Before bringing 2017 to a close, Lansangan released physical copies of her latest EP Of Sound Mind & Memory

Watch the video below: