On September 8, four-piece band The Ridleys launched their second EP entitled From Morning Light/Break of Dawn at Route 196 Katipunan. After over a year since the release of their first EP Aphrodite and the SoundCloud collection The Only One I Can See, the quartet —composed of Benny Manaligod (vocals/acoustic guitar), Jan de Vera (lead guitar), Joric Canlas (bass), and Bryant Ayes (drums)— has returned with a new set of songs.

Joined by Where’s Ramona, Capacities, Over October, Munimuni, and Carousel Casualties, the night of the launch definitely seemed like it could last until the break of dawn as attendees cheered on for each band with unwavering enthusiasm all the way until an eruption of long-contained excitement once The Ridleys finally took the stage. The band played some tracks off the EP as well as previously released songs like “Meaningful Silence”:

Check out some photos from the launch below: