Indie label Wide-Eyed Records is all set to launch the music video and single “What Went Wrong” from indie-rock upstarts Rusty Machines.

The launch will happen tomorrow, Saturday, July 8 at Mow’s Bar in Matalino, QC with guest performances from Memory Drawers, Ourselves The Elves, Ciudad, and She’s Only Sixteen.

Rusty Machines–vocalist/guitarist Iggy San Pablo, guitarist Joshua Andres, drummer Miko Miso, and bassist Leandro Fabregas– are also using the launch as a fundraiser for their upcoming full-length debut album which is nearing completion (their EP City Lights is available on Spotify.). The music video was directed by Petersen Vargas.

“What Went Wrong” is now available on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, and Deezer.

Photos courtesy of Wide Eyed Records