It’s been nearly three three months since Chester Bennington took his own life, but the Linkin Park singer’s voice continues to ring out in stadiums and festival grounds as his fellow musicians and entertainers celebrate his legacy.

Steve Aoki was a collaborator and friend to Bennington. The band worked on Aoki’s tune “Darker Than Blood” from Neon Future II, as well as Linkin Park’s single “A Light That Never Comes.” In August, Aoki dropped a new edit of his LP collabs, shared by the band today (Oct. 19) on Twitter, in which the DJ mashed elements of both songs together for an exciting moment during his performance at Untold Festival in Romania.

“Keep Chester Bennington in your heart right now,” he said as the song built. “Make some noise for Linkin Park. Everybody scream.”

The months since Bennington’s passing have been tough, but his memory has been kept alive through the videos and music released in his wake. Watch as thousands of Romanians dance to the sound of his voice with Aoki below.

PHOTO: Jerod Harris/WireImage