Marilyn Manson made headlines when he buried the hatchet with Trent Reznor,but he’s not gone soft. The industrial-rock star unleashed his 10th album Heaven Upside Down today (Oct. 6), and its loaded with the fury that’s been on display through his career.

The anti-establishment icon has goaded Trump, he’s beefed with Bieber (he’s probably pretty angry about getting injured by a stage prop). And on Heaven Upside Down, Manson delivers on familiar themes of greed, sex, drugs, religion and violence, set to a soundbed so meaty, you could cook it in a fry pan.

The new album includes the previously-released tracks “KILL4ME,” ‘We Know Where You Fucking Live” and “Say10.” Listen to it in full below.

PHOTO: Donato Sardella/Getty Images for Cartier