Following a viral Twitter thread that called out members of a few local bands for improper behavior toward female fans, Sud have now spoken up with a statement in response to these allegations of sexual misconduct.

“We recognize the actions that have caused everyone, especially the women that have come forward with their stories. and though some of the allegations are untrue, we sincerely apologize for the ones that have caused women to become uncomfortable,” the band said, after Jensen and the Flips released their own statement on Wednesday night (Nov. 22).

“We are sorry. It was never our intention for our actions to come across the way they did. We recognize that we have no say whether they were violated by our actions and we put them in a position they were not comfortable in, and for┬áthat we will accept the repercussions of what we did.”

On Tuesday night (Nov. 21), Twitter user Adrienne Onday (who goes by the handle @_tapsilog) wanted to “talk about misogyny, sexism, and predatory/manipulative behavior in the local independent music scene” based on her personal experiences. Onday then began receiving waves of messages from women that members of Sud, Jensen and the Flips, and MilesExperience┬áhad sexually assaulted them.

The accusations made against these bands shockingly multiplied within hours that evening, with women coming forward with similar stories about how these musicians had violated them.

“We are taking these matters seriously,” Sud continued in their statement. “And as much as we are owning up to the things we did, we feel extremely saddened for some things that are accused of us and we are taking measures in resolving this. For the ones we know are true, we are firmly owning up to those.”

Read the full statement below: