In 2003, Sugarfree —probably one of the most groundbreaking Filipino bands that changed the shape of the local music scene in the first decade of the 2000s— released their debut record Sa Wakas.

Sugarfree gained several recognitions following the album’s release, including being hailed as Best New Artist, Sa Wakas being Album of the Year and singles “Mariposa” and “Burnout” bagging acclaim from Awit Awards and NU Rock awards, respectively. It was life-changing in all aspects as the trio Ebe Dancel (vocals), Jal Taguibao (bass), and Mitch Singson (drums) literally made history with their hit record.

Sa Wakas had four singles out that started with “Telepono”, a bossa nova-inspired rock ballad that talks about the blurry inconsistencies of a budding relationship.

Then there’s “Mariposa”, a tale told by a lonely man in an empty room filled with regret, despair, and isolation as his borrowed lover left him in the cold. Its music video is directed by Quark Henares.

Most of us today would be singing along to a much milder version of their ultimate ‘letting go’ song “Burnout” thanks to the film I’m Drunk, I Love You. More than a decade passed and we are still not over it. “Burnout” is a simple, heartfelt, and engaging song about forgiveness of the past and emancipation in its rawest form. The song brought the band to mainstream status after its successful release.

Their last single off the album was “Taguan”. The song features bassist Jal Taguibao as the main singer. It talks about infidelity in the wittiest way as the tune goes on like modern rockabilly.

In line with the record’s 15th anniversary, Ebe Dancel is set to play an all-Sugarfree set at 12 Monkeys Pub, El Pueblo, Pasig City on January 16.

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