Five years ago, Aaron Cruz walked into his sister’s closet to record what would be Tandems ’91‘s First and Last album. It was the most dry-sounding room in his parents’ house and he was too shy and broke to hit the studio, so Cruz took it upon himself to create everything from instrumentation to vocal arrangements in there. At long last, it’s finally getting its own home in your personal collections when First and Last launches at Dulo MNL on September 30th (Sat).

“It’s about a longtime relationship I had in the past (which also happens to be the inspiration behind the album and Tandems in general),” Cruz reveals to BillboardPH. He had completed the entire album from writing, recording, and mixing the tracks to even developing its artwork five years ago. The progress he made on the record started before he started playing live shows with Tandems. It was all about the moments he shared with a special someone, how he felt, and how she might have felt back in the days when “it was all just good, dancey, happy.”

The tracks turned into what could easily be described as flipping through the pages of an old scrapbook of backstories in every lyric, a piece of art reminiscent of the past that reminds him of “what was once something beautiful.” Over the past five years since its creation, the mix on album was never retouched or revisited to preserve the feel of it, and to Cruz it’s all about keeping that slightly outdated feel for the sake of holding on to the scrapbook it was meant to be.

Tandems ’91 are set on giving the album out for free, giving out the first batch on Saturday and continuing after the crowdfunding gig with The Polaris Project. “We have a lot of gigs lined up until November, so maybe before the year ends ubos na yung First and Last album. And who knows what happens after that, baka first and last na talaga,” Cruz teases.

Cruz, along with JR Jader (percussions) and Ignacio Cuyegkeng (keys) want to thank Sam Gonzales, The Polaris Project team, and everyone else who has supported and inspired them from the start. “And salamat sa lahat ng sumusuporta at sa mga naging inspirasyon namin, yung album pasasalamat talaga yun. The First and Last album started it all for Tandems, and giving it away is a fitting way of culminating this chapter and saying thank you.”