Where would music be without technology? There would be singing and rhythms, yes; our bodies are the instruments we are born with after all (well, okay, not everybody gets to practice and use these native instruments well, but I digress…).

But imagine if nobody thought of stretching catgut–yes, animals died for music thousands of years ago–to produce sound and variable pitches.

To over-simplify, guitars wouldn’t have been developed (or for that matter, guitarists with huge egos. But again, I digress…).

Technology eventually has allowed the human race to stop disemboweling little furry animals to extend the possibilities of music-making and creativity in general. Today, you can even make music, and/or take a photo of a musician, with a smartphone and a corresponding app. (There are even virtual guitars. Your kitten, however, remains tortured by your attempts at making The Next EDM Anthem, so there is some cruelty left in the human/pet music dynamic, I suppose). I personally am attempting such an endeavour with a free music-making app called Figure. I’m happy to report that no cats will suffer from my efforts (and perhaps no people as well. Self-inflicted torture, this is.)

Christmas is a few weeks away but the inevitability of gift-giving is upon us, whether we like it or not. Or, admit it, the bigger joy of gift-receiving (hah!). You can’t go wrong with gadgets and tech stuff.

So, BillboardPH is having Tech Month starting today Nov 15 and, in addition to our normal coverage, we will explore tech-related stories (and potential gift ideas of course) related to music-making, music-listening, and–because we will be giving away a camera soonmusic-scene-documenting.

Okay, maybe it will not be about the tech gift you will give, but the one you might receive? Yeah?

We will announce the details and mechanics within the week, so please do visit us every chance you get. And leave your cat alone.