There’s nothing like the rush of seeing your favorite pop band so close, they’re literally within your reach. It could feel like a dream or the opening chapters of a young adult novel, experiencing the thrill first hand and daydreaming that maybe, just maybe, your favorite member would notice you among the hundreds screaming for them.

Introducing this year’s soundtrack of the summer is The Tide, taking on four different stages in Manila in two days. From Glorietta to TriNoma, Market! Market! to Alabang Town Center, the Los Angeles-based pop band made waves quick, covering as much ground as they could, as fans followed in their wake.

The Tide performs at Corte de las Palmas on April 1, 2017 in Alabang / Photo by Kara Bodegon

The end of their Ayala Malls circuit brought them to Corte de las Palmas in Alabang Town Center, where the summer heat shook them the second they skirted the stage with “What You Give.” It was their only outdoor show from their four stops in the city, so it definitely gave them a different look of live shows in Manila. “There’s no summer like summer in the Philippines,” lead vocalist Austin Corini told the crowd. But they fought the heat, bringing on this cool and carefree attitude to whisk away any worries or stress it (paired with Manila’s ridiculous traffic conditions) may have struck them with.

Austin Corini of The Tide at Corte de las Palmas on April 1, 2017 in Alabang / Photo by Kara Bodegon

Tracing the footsteps of their big brother act The Vamps (and even giving a nod to them with a cover of “All Night” before offering their hit “Click My Fingers”), the young quartet prove they’re not just another group of charming young boys capable of making fans swoon with the flash of a smile. They break out of the classic boyband trope, rocking out and keeping energy levels high throughout their hour long set, and even shocking parents in the audience with how lyrics to “Naked” basically talk about liquid dreams (“I see you naked/I see your face in my head/I can’t escape it/Wish you woke up in my bed/I see you naked in my dreams/And I don’t wanna wake up”).

Think Maroon 5 and how upfront Adam Levine is, singing bold innuendos like a common limerick, but performed by a boyishly honest group in the threshold of their teenage years and stepping into their 20’s.

Levi Jones of The Tide at Corte de las Palmas on April 1, 2017 in Alabang / Photo by Kara Bodegon

The Tide took another leap in their career with the recent release of their latest single “Put the Cuffs on Me,” performing it live as fans chanted along word for word before closing the evening with their debut “Young Love.” After exiting the stage, fans remained at the barricade, waiting for their shot at meeting Austin, Levi, Nate, and Drew.

One could easily see The Tide’s backstory molded into a young adult novel through the eyes of the pop band on the rise. After The Vamps reached out to Corini, having seen his 2012 X Factor audition video, they set up online auditions in hopes of finding the perfect bandmates, and signed them under their label Steady Records. Having one of Britain’s biggest pop rock acts as your boss may sound like fan fiction, but this is real life. The Tide is simply one of those young bands that prove anything could happen in the realm of possibility with the world as their playground, as they discover the secrets of the universe together.

The Tide closing their set with “Young Love” at Corte de las Palmas on April 1, 2017 in Alabang / Photo by Kara Bodegon

Set List:

“What You Give”
“The Rest of Us”
“Holding on to You”
“Last Day of Summer”
“All Night” (The Vamps cover)
“Click My Fingers”
“Reason to Stay”
“The One You Want”
“Put the Cuffs on Me”
“Young Love”