It’s BillboardPH’s #TimelessThursdays again and in this feature, we are going to revisit and say hello to the emo kid in you.

There is no doubt that the early 2000s were the golden years of the so-called “emo” period. Our generation celebrated the era wearing studded belts, heavy eyeliner, long bangs, and searched our closets for all the dark clothes we can get our hands on. These were partly instigated by the aggressive and emotional music that became anthems of our generation. Who can forget about the prominent pop-punk (and informally labeled) “emo” bands My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, and Paramore? Yep, they provided us the angsty music we needed to fuel our strong pre-adolescent emotions.

With all the international pop-punk bands mentioned, it is not unknown that here in the Philippines, our local music scene has been blessed to have our very own Urbandub.

For about a decade, the four-piece band with members Gabby Alipe on vocals, John Dinopol on guitar, Lalay Lim on bass and vocals, and JanJan Mendoza on drums, has clearly dominated the local rock scene with prominent hits such as “Evidence”, “Guillotine”, and “First of Summer”. Growing up, most of us would watch their music videos both on TV and online as we sang our hearts out to their powerful and emotional lyrics. Here are a few of their music videos to take us back to our “emo” memory lane.

1. First of Summer

“Parked car / This night sky / Makes city lights shine like diamonds / Our song plays on the radio”

With a catchy chorus accompanied by powerful guitar riffs, “First of Summer” became an instant hit. Released in 2005 from the album Embrace, the song featured a music video that tells the story of a young rebellious girl exploring the music scene and the night life with her lover as she got to know herself as well in the process. The video was directed by Marie Jamora.

2. Endless, A Silent Whisper

“I heard the news today / Is this the beginning of our last dance?”

The video for “Endless, A Silent Whisper”, connects the story of the young rebellious girl from “First of Summer”. This video shows the background of the main protagonist as well as the aftermath of the events shown in the former video. Both videos were directed by Marie Jamora.

 3. Guillotine

“You’re pushing me too far / We’ve had our run / With your arms wrapped around my neck / I close my eyes, I sink and grasp for breath” 

At some point, the song “Guillotine” that was released in 2007 from the album Under Southern Lights became a go-to breakup song during our high school days. The lyrics powerfully and perfectly describe the feeling of breaking up with someone you honestly loved. Not to mention the iconic guitar riffs that we all head-banged to while watching the video.

4. The Fight Is Over

“Can you explain to me? / What has become of us? / With words released / We can never take them back”

“Guillotine” might be a go-to breakup song, but “The Fight is Over” is the ULTIMATE breakup song. The song is pure magic, from the lyrics to the progressive arrangement of instruments and heartfelt vocals and one can only feel one thing: pure heartache. The video, directed by Treb Monteras II, features a man performing an interpretative dance with a flock of butterflies hovering around him while the band plays.

5. Evidence

“Caught you in the arms of another / I’ve been dying everyday since then”

If there’s one music video that made Urbandub hit the music scene harder, it would be the that of “Evidence”. The iconic video was directed by Quark Henares and featured celebrity actors Iza Calzado and Ryan Eigenmann. It follows the story of the main protagonist (Gabby Alipe) finding out that his partner (Iza Calzado) was cheating on him. In the video, Alipe’s character was shown preparing for his revenge as he slowly storms a room where he catches his girlfriend with another man and shoots both of them with a handgun. The video gained so much attention because of its uniqueness, daring character, and the addition of emotion-induced violence to the mix.

And there we have it, an emotional trip down memory lane. These music videos defined our “emo” days as we sang and cried our emotions out. Undoubtedly, to this very day, these Urbandub songs are still very much alive in our hearts, leaving a mark of that phase in our lives. Until the next #TimelessThursdays!

If you miss Urbandub, don’t miss the chance to see Gab and John play some of their classics at BillboardPH’s PlaySound exhibit on May 20 at the Glorietta Activity Center!

BillboardPH x Ayala 'PLAYSOUND' at Glorietta (May 20)