Gabi Na Naman Productions is ready to start an entirely new chapter, but before they disclose any announcements, they celebrate their two-year anniversary.


“We are excited to tap breakthrough talents and give them the opportunity to showcase their world-class talent on a bigger stage, ” says head and founder Milley Habito who was all smiles last April 29, 2017 as she warmly welcomed visitors into Route 196.


Early in the evening, the bar’s capacity was already challenged. Even for the regular Route-goer, it is a rare event to see. Windows held wide open to serve as an alternate entry point into the bar, visitors fighting their own battles through the crowd to obtain even just the slightest view of the stage, fans mounted on chairs, and others crawling under tables to shortcut the crowd.

With an arm-to-arm packed audience, the music-powered energy pulsed through the entire bar, welcoming artist-audience exchanges in all forms. The evening was complete with sing-alongs, jokes, storytelling, dancing, etc.


“For independent musicians to showcase their talents,” is Gabi Na Naman Productions’ main objective. Consisting of Shirebound And Busking, Ben&Ben, Aia de LeonBullet DumasJohnoy DanaoAng Bandang Shirley, and Autotelic; the line-up was one that seamlessly took the community on a nostalgic trip through the two years Gabi Na Naman Productions offered them. 

Without a doubt, the two-year-long start has allowed Gabi Na Naman Productions to successfully plant the seeds needed to sustain a lasting community that continue to empower independent music acts.

PHOTOS: Chealsy Dale via Gabi Na Naman Productions