If you’ve ever wondered about the history of Singapore, Maude‘s Luis Azcona gives a quick recap in the latest episode of Maudecast. But if you’re more interested in the histories of the Terno Recordings’ artists that recently hit up the Lion City in August, Azcona summarizes those too.

The 20-minute travel vlog takes Azcona and his bandmates, together with members of Giniling Festival and AOUI through the streets of Singapore. During their downtime, they spot a fake Dave Grohl at the hotel they stayed at, catch Foo Fighters live in concert, and even shoot Maude and AOUI bassist Glenn Calingasan singing and dancing to James Reid‘s “Huwag Ka Nang Humirit” on the morning of their show. The vlog then carries on to their concert with UDD and a little bit more sightseeing before returning to Manila.

Watch the full video below: