Saturday (Oct. 7) was a monumental night for BillboardPH chart-toppers UDD as they unveiled their latest visual “Sigurado” to a few hundred fans at Venice Piazza in Taguig.

After performing “Tadhana” at the free show in the open area, the Terno Recordings act revealed the “Sigurado” video, which features Terrace House star Mizuki Shida. The visual is taken at a first person point of view, looking through the eyes of a man as he explores the streets of Tokyo and holding hands with Shida. “Zettai,” Shida says towards the end of video (which means “without a doubt” in Japanese), before panning away to the gorgeous skyline of Tokyo with its city lights sparkling into the night.

UDD vocalist Armi Millare, ‘Terrace House’ star Mizuki Shida, “Siguardo” director Nic Reyes / Photo by Kara Bodegon

When the video fades away from the screen, vocalist Armi Millare returns to the stage with director Nic Reyes to introduce Shida to the crowd. After a few words from the Terrace House star, UDD then end their set with a live performance of “Sigurado” with the video playing behind them.

Mizuki Shida joins UDD onstage to greet her fans / Photo by Kara Bodegon

The official visual of “Sigurado” will be available for streaming within the week. For the meantime, check out the single below: