If you think you had a long day, think how busy UDD drummer Ean Mayor has been to make sure their upcoming eponymous record gets out soon.

While frontwoman Armi Millare took on Berlin for her first mini-show, Mayor holed himself up his home studio to record drum tracks for “Young Again” and “Never.” He shared clips of his recording sessions on Instagram and full videos on his YouTube channel.

Watch the drum recordings of “Young Again” and “Never” below:

The release of UDD’s highly anticipated fourth studio album, which was originally set for a first quarter debut, has been delayed due to projects the band took part in this year, including special releases of Barbie Almalbis‘s “Just A Smile” for Close Up, Globe’s Valentines promo track “Unti-Unti,” and writing Hyundai’s new anthem “Gusto Ko (Pagsundo).”

The Terno Recordings act kicked off the year with the release of “Sigurado” in January, and although they’ve been rather quiet on updates since their recent Canada tour, there just might be a track on the album to be produced by D’Sound, one of the band’s biggest influences.